Mastery is not about perfection. It’s about a process … The master is the one that stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives.

George Leonard

What you seek and what you get are often different? Why, because you have mastered habits that help you meet your basic needs, yet do not substantially fulfill you. Consider how you meet your basic need for security, novelty, significance, and connection? Do you meet these needs at the expense of sacrificing your personal growth and contributing to the greater world?
Do you meet these basic needs through habits or addiction such as people pleasing, workaholism, perfectionism, relationships, or a better known addiction such as food, drugs, or alcohol. Do you seek fulfillment in your life, yet you fall short despite your best efforts? Why is that? Why is it you cannot do what you know you need to do? What gets in the way? You do!
You have mastered habits that are getting in your way! You cling to habits that fill your basic needs but hold you back from the continued personal growth you need to master through day to day practice, year after year to be your best self, an awesome life, and to maximize your ability to contribute beyond yourselves to the larger world.  How are you holding yourself back? How are the habits you have mastered getting in the way of having the fulfilling life that you want?
 What new habits do you need to master? How will you implement these new habits? How will you meet your basic needs while mastering the skills you need to live a fulfilled life? Write it down. What gets in the way? What needs to be mastered? How do you align your behaviors so that all your needs get met and you master the habits and skills you need to have the awesome life you want?
 Master the habits that will meet your basic needs and fulfillment needs both. Consider, reflect, practice, and observe, refine, and begin again. Get rid of habits that do not serve you! Seek and implement habits that do! You will find the life you want!
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