windbeneathwings - The Wind Beneath Who's Wings? Synergy

Really, you want a relationship? Why?

Misery… it will make you happy.

Illness… it will cure you.

Broken… it will fix you.

Suppose to … it will make you fit in.

Boredom… it will create excitement for you.

Loneliness… it will be company.

Fulfillment… it will fill you up.

Lack purpose… it will give you a reason to be.

Distraction… relief from living your life.


Newsflash! Relationships will not help any of the above. In fact given time they will only magnify these issues for you!


People mistake having a relationship for having a better life. Relationships are a dime a dozen. Just go on line, join a dating  service, and you can meet all kinds of people trying to use relationships to fix their lives.


A great relationship takes a great deal more than finding a relationship. To have a better life you have to…


Heal. Grow. Focus. Find. Fulfill your life purpose. Live your life on purpose.
Live the happy, healthy relationship with yourself that you want to have with others, when you do, healthy relationships will show up for you.


These relationships will add to the wind beneath your wings, and you will add to the wind beneath their wings. This synergy will allow you both to fly higher, and achieve more, than either of you ever dreamed of doing.


What are you really searching for…?


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