“I must be bad or these things (abuse, trauma) would not have happened to me!” “Is there something wrong with me?” “It must be my fault!” “I must have done something wrong!” Perhaps you have thought or said these same things. As a therapist, I have often heard these thoughts voiced. I wish I could say that I have come up with a good answer to “Why me?” Yet, I remain mystified as to why some individuals suffer so immensely. Unfortunately, I do not know “why” bad things happened to you. I only know that the “why” from my experience does not matter in the long run. What does matters is what you decide to do about what happened to you. Most of the individuals I treat are decent, hard working people that have suffered terribly. They have come to me to help them reduce the symptoms that are getting in the way of them living their lives. They are seeking freedom from the symptoms of trauma. Eventually some are able to make meaning out of the pain they endured. Most have more energy after healing and are able to use this energy to thrive and build the lives they have wanted for themselves.


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