Personally, I think being “right” is overrated. I mean what is “right’ anyway? “Right” is a concept. “Right” is where your perception lies. Depending on where you stand that perspective looks different. Perspective is forged from life experience. Life experience is the tapestry of all that you encountered, conquered, learned, and loved in your life. The lessons you have chosen to take with you. Therefore, perspective is always changing,  your understanding of what is “right” is evolving over time. If your ego strength is in tact you can both validate the other person’s perspective while acknowledging your own. For example, “I can see from your experience why you think that is true,” or “I can agree to disagree with you.” The reality is not everyone has to agree with you for you to be okay. In fact, the more okay you can be without other people having to agree with you the easier life will get. So, the next time you feel the need to be “right” ask yourself “Why do I have to be right?” Take 20 minutes to free write about it and see what insights emerge for you. Get in touch and let me know what you found out about yourself!


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