What if all living things have an energy fields that are connected to all other energy fields? What if everything we say or do, has been said, done, or felt remains present is this greater energy field, collective unconscious, or spiritual realm (however you prefer to refer to it)? What if we had access to that wisdom? What if every time we had a question we could get a decisive yes or no? What if we could do it with 80% accuracy?
In the book, Power vs Force by David Hawkins, MD, PhD, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic writes about the thousands of scientific experiments that he and other have done that have found that muscle testing can determine when an energy field is positive or negative, and found that a variety of things can change the charge of those fields. This research worked with determining the truth of information that is NOT known to the individual. Fascinating, isn’t it? Hawkins has opened a scientific doorway to a method of wisdom discovery that is easily accessible to all of us!
Let’s go even further, what if we do not even need to muscle test? What if that intuitive knowing that we have ignored, shunned and allowed to atrophy for so many centuries in fact is our connection to that energy field. What if we started listening to our sense of knowing? What if we slowed down and got quiet? What if we trusted ourselves? What if we began to reestablish that connection with our inner knowing? What if we began to strengthen our inner connection with that greater energy field? Maybe all we need to know is directly connected to us already?
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