Often when people are faced with court issues, there is a great deal of stress — not only with the courts — but with the reason you are faced with an issue that involves the court. Therapy in this case is about finding answers to eliminate future situations that involve court and to relieve and manage the stress the individual is under.

At times the court has ordered therapeutic services or an attorney has recommended you seek therapy or you are undergoing a difficult divorce that involves high conflict or difficult decisions regarding the terms of the divorce such as parenting time.

Divorce or separation is often experienced as a death. It is met with all the symptoms found in the cycle of grief. If you are contemplating divorce, or in the midst of a divorce, or have recently become divorced you have probably felt sadness, depression, blame or guilt, numbness, and possibly even periods of acceptance.

Faced with divorce or other issues that involve the court it is often a good-time for honest self-reflection.

You may be asking yourself:

  • What went wrong?
  • What was my part?
  • How did I manage to make such a poor  choice?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • What does this mean for my life now?
  • Am I a failure?
  • How do I go on?

If you have children, this can make court related issues even more difficult to overcome and navigate.

My life is in shambles, how do I help my children?
What do I tell them?
How do I adjust my life that is best for my children?

If you are in the midst of court issue with a high conflict individual you can feel crazy.  Conflicts may be never ending. Navigating issues with these individuals must be done with great care especially if this is an individual that you must have ongoing interactions with in the future. You will want to know…

How do I manage interactions with this individual?
How do I minimize the impact on my family? 

These are only some of the questions you may ask yourself. Family and friends may or may not be helpful. Often an objective outside professional can assist you through this overwhelming situation.

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