Meet Dr. Marsha Ferrick

| Serving You so You May Serve More Powerfully |

” I use my talents, education, and experience to serve those who are serving others, in order that they may do so at a higher level, achieve greater personal fulfillment and extend their positive impact forward
at work and home.”
–Dr. Marsha Ferrick

As a Licensed Psychologist I treated serious cases of emotional distress and pathology. I assisted many individuals through recovery to healing. As a Professional Coach it was an easy transition to coaching healthy individuals to develop an exceptional quality of life, emotionally while improving their personal and professional power in order to create the lives they want.

I am passionate about assisting those that serve others, to optimize their relationships, recapture their passion, and confidently move forward to create the life they desire. When I am able to assist clients with this, they are then empowered to go forward and positively impact those in their life sphere at home and work.

Through my work as a clinical psychologist, professional coach and as an equestrian, I have developed a unique expertise, perspective and model to help people live fuller, richer lives.

The successful people we admire have almost always a coach in their lives. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to
have circumstances or natural relationships which foster or provide healthy, supportive “coaching relationships”. But most often that is not the case.

We each have a very personal and unique definition of what success looks like. People desiring empowered lives know they must grow and expand to achieve that success. Others who have gained success in some aspects of their lives, perhaps in their careers, but have reached a point of pain or emptiness in other areas of their relationships, know that change is needed to fully realize and live the life of their dreams.

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Dr. Ferrick’s Education & Background

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

PhD Fielding Graduate Institute
Santa Barbara, California
Since 1997

Equine & Human Behavior Expert

Trainer, Instructor, Breeder
Since 1977

Board Certified Life Coach

Institute of Life Coach Training
Since 2012

Dressage Instructor

Lake Erie College
8 Years

Dr. Ferrick Shares Some Thoughts

Life Coaching - About Me

Life coaching is not for the exceptional. Life coaching makes the ordinary individual extraordinary. Everyone needs a coach, only the wisest hire a coach. Great people have long known that it takes an objective observer to help you stay in the course to your dreams, encourage you when obstacles present themselves, and someone to see past the forest to the trees.

Team Building

Man may be an island and most of us do not operate alone. We operate in pairs, couples, families,work groups, business teams, and communities. To operate at our best we need to develop skills, practice them, and utilize them in a flexible manner.
Team building is for everyone that wants great relationships, colleagues, work environments, and financial results.

Sports Psychology

For those who are passionate about a sport, mastery is not only a physical challenge, but a mental challenge. Sports psychology provides a bridge for athletes connecting the physical and the emotional. Sports psychology is for the serious athlete whether they do it for the love of the sport or the art of the competition! To be at the top of one’s game requires more than physical practice. It requires mental practice. Sports psychology assists you in mastering these techniques.

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